Three Things You Should Know About Waste Removal During A Small Home Remodel Project

Whether you are planning to completely overhaul an existing bathroom in your home or have plans to make your kitchen area more functional by updating and remodeling, there is no doubt there will be a lot leftover after everything is complete. From old lumber to scrap flooring, waste will be a big part of any remodeling project, large or small. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not give this enough consideration until they are knee-deep in trash when the project is complete.

Fracking: Assessing The Price Of Energy Independence

One of the more transformative technologies of this century is that of fracking. In just a little more than two decades the use of this oil drilling and recovery technique has had a significant impact. Fracking has reordered the players in the energy business, changed the financial dynamics of that industry, and presents the U.S. with the totally unanticipated opportunity for generating all its own energy needs internally. At the same time, this use of horizontal drilling and high-pressure water to fracture sub-surface rock formations is raising alarms in many environmental circles.